Friday Musings…

Thought I’d share some weird and maybe not-so-weird thoughts to start off this Happy Friday!

-Even though my girls are older, I still frequently sing “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” theme song.
-I believe that cooking dinner is a complete waste of precious time.
-I grew up with a ping pong table and often considered being a professional ping pong player. A girl can dream! ha
-If my daughter tells me she doesn’t have any clean jeans for school in the morning, I will throw in a load of jeans but also go and buy her another pair to gain an extra day from doing laundry.
-I forgot my niece’s birthday this week and it’s been eating at me — my heart just hurts. I feel like the worst Aunt evaaaaaaa!!!
-When I’m nervous or anxious about something, I become very mute. And it can last for days too.
-One time my very good friend confessed that I have a R.B.F — I died inside. I had no idea. Now I make an EXTRA conscious effort to smile more. Thank you, friend!


To walk into my studio the day of your session and allow me to give you an experience that is not only empowering, but sexy and fun.

I’m thankful daily for my clients who allow me to express my love for boudoir photography. I couldn’t do what I love with out their continued support, because honestly — I feel I’d still be sitting in a cubicle drafting court documents or summarizing medical records.

Photography allows me to express my love for beauty and create a memorable experience for each fabulous lady I have the pleasure of working with.

It’s a blessing to come to work everyday doing what you love for fabulous people!



It seems like every time I log into social media, I keep finding so much negativity from industry peers.  It’s sad.  I can choose to pay attention to the negativity, or I can choose to ignore it and not allow others negativity or opinions to define me.  Because honestly, I couldn’t care less. I come to work almost every day of the week – my studio that I worked so hard to have – because this is what I love to do.  I love to create!

I refuse to divert my attention from what I love doing!

“take control of your destiny. believe in yourself. ignore those who try to discourage you. avoid negative sources, people, places and habits. don’t give up. and don’t give in.” ~ W.H.C

MUA : Makeup By Kristy J.
Hair Style : Braye-Ashtyn Lyn Miller



*Every girl deserves to feel beautiful*

Take a few hours out of your day to day life and completely indulge yourself with a fun, sexy and flirty Boudoir session in my private Luxury Studio. In the end, you will have a collection of gorgeous images, a luxurious experience, tons of fun and self-expression.

Book Now!  Email me for further detailed session information.

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