VALUE YOURSELF :: Jacksonville, FL Boudoir Photographer

Ladies, let’s be raw for a moment.
You need to realize that the very most important person is YOU!
You are the one who determines your self-worth!
I believe we all can find and know our self-worth if we focus on the positive all while loving ourselves completely.
And I mean truly loving ourselves.
Don’t allow yourself to fall to the way side.
Place a high value on yourself and always and I means always — KNOW YOUR WORTH!
You’re beautiful inside + out!

IT’S SO MUCH MORE :: Jacksonville, Florida Boudoir Photographer

One of the greatest compliments as a boudoir photographer is having your client see themselves in an even more beautiful light than before.  Sometimes people see boudoir photography as just sexy pictures, but I always stress that it’s so much more than that.  For some, it can be life changing.

My beautiful client has allowed me permission to share her words/experience after a year of having her boudoir portraits done.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have worked with this beautiful soul.

“A year ago today, I met myself for the first time.
Roxie Jean Photography sent out a model call for a free boudoir shoot, and I spent an hour convincing myself to try out. I emailed her my information, and by the next morning she ecstatically accepted.
The female who couldn’t look herself in the mirror had a lingerie shoot with a complete stranger.
I met large thighs…
I met soft arms….
I met stretch marks, dimples, acne, asymmetrical eyes…
… and Roxie loved it.
She worked, encouraged, and showcased someone who didn’t fit “traditional beauty” standards.
It seems silly… it’s just feelings, right? Subjective. Unimportant.
But… from the time a schoolkid said it made him sick to see me run, to the family member that said my grandparents (upon meeting them for the first time) wouldn’t love me if my hair was frizzy… I grew up thinking that beauty was a girl’s purpose in life.
If you didn’t fit this brand of beauty… what were you really offering?
Doing these photoshoots allowed me to see myself for the first time, and also became the catalyst to start living a life; I started going back to college for computer science, I moved into my own place in a new city, made new friends, and started fighting my agoraphobia every, single day.
I met stretch marks caused from cooking for neighbors, family, coworkers…
I met soft arms that had held friends as they cried…
I met skin that had been working like an Amazon at the gym…
I met thighs strong enough to carry this body.
These photoshoots, this post, are evidence that you, in all of your complexities, are gorgeous. This post is for the girl who can’t wait to “get her teeth done” because they’re too small
For the guy who can’t take his shirt off because his weightloss caused loose skin
For the woman who’s had a few children & can’t show her belly scars
For the gym-goer who complains that he still has “stick legs”
Your laugh, your ambition, your children, your ethic… These are what people see. These are what make you attractive.
I am healthy because someone else convinced me to go against what I’d been brought to believe. My ambition is to encourage you to feel the same.
If your dreams don’t scare you, aim higher.”



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