Happy 8th Birthday, Arianna!

My Sweet Arianna,

You were born with magic in those big brown eyes of yours.   You are sunshine, rainbows and sparkles all wrapped up in that tiny petite frame of yours. You’re a believer. You believe that all things are possible.

At times I ponder on how I created something so beautiful. How can it be that 8 years ago you came into our lives? Where has the time gone?   In the last 8 years, you have become such a unique soul.   You have the ability to light up a room and make every situation brighter.   You’re curious and inquisitive.   You are so sweet and so determined.

I love that your heart compels you to get involved when you see someone sad, or a homeless person or when someone is sick. I love you for being exactly who you are.

As the days are flashing before our very eyes, I hope that when I am grey haired and wrinkly that I will be able to accurately recall our loved-filled moments with each other. I want to remember your tiny hand in mine, your obsession with having a baby duck as a house pet, your infectious giggles, and that sweet feeling of my nose nestled in your neck during our morning snuggles.

You are so incredibly adored and I hope you always remember that.   You are one of the greatest gifts that have been bestowed upon me.   I am beyond proud of the little young lady you have become. Thank you for all that you are and will become. Thank you for your laughter, those amazing hugs + kisses and , for being wild-hearted and compassionate.

I am your biggest cheerleader and I’ll never stop cheering you on!

Happy 8th Birthday, baby!

Love you always and forever,