Happy 12th Birthday, My Jilliann Skyler

Dear Jilliann,

To express to you in depth the love and respect I have for you without getting misty eye — well, this is going to be tough.  Writing your 12th birthday blog post is much different than writing your 11th.  You have blossomed.  Boy, have you blossomed.

Your heart is beautiful!  You are so full of courage and independence.  Your passions and dreams are never ending and will always remain so important to me.  I admire that you pave your own path and walk to the beat of your own drum.  At twelve years old, you truly are a free spirit.  Be proud of that!

I wish for you to always have bravery and steadfastness to walk your journey with a positive mind-set and to always be bold with who are and whom you are becoming.  You are such an amazing and unique soul with so much to offer.    Never be afraid to spread your wings.

Thank you!  Thank you for teaching me.  Because of you, I’m a better person and mom.  And thank you — for being you!   Stay true to who you are and you will always find success, no matter how it is measured.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Jilliann Skyler!  I love you, my little cheesecake!

Love always + forever,







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  1. Maria Schade says:

    Oh my goodness what a beauty! Happy birthday Jillian!

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