OUTSIDE OF THE BOUDOIR STUDIO : Jacksonville, Florida Boudoir Photographer

I love creating for my boudoir clients. Stepping outside of the boudoir studio and shooting on-location is one of my favorite ways to get my creative juices flowing. These sessions are unique and beyond liberating!
And can I just say, my clients who brave an on-location session in their undies are pretty much superwomen in my book.

Let’s book your boudoir session on-location, ladies!! ┬áThe possibilities are endless!

MAKING AN IMPACT : Jacksonville, Florida Boudoir Photographer

She caught me off guard when she looked at me and said, “you’re actually a teacher, you know?”
A teacher? I’ve never thought of myself as a teacher, I told her.
She said, “you’re teaching most women how to love themselves again. You’re empowering them and showing them how truly beautiful they are”.

Although I can acknowledge that I make an impact on my clients in a positive way, however, maybesometimes I don’t realize the extent of the impact. Sure, more so than others — but any positive impact is a beautiful thing in the cycle of life.
It only takes one person to help another and the chain continues.
Friends, I hope you continue to make a positive impact in life no matter what it is and continue the chain.

Friday Musings…

Thought I’d share some weird and maybe not-so-weird thoughts to start off this Happy Friday!

-Even though my girls are older, I still frequently sing “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” theme song.
-I believe that cooking dinner is a complete waste of precious time.
-I grew up with a ping pong table and often considered being a professional ping pong player. A girl can dream! ha
-If my daughter tells me she doesn’t have any clean jeans for school in the morning, I will throw in a load of jeans but also go and buy her another pair to gain an extra day from doing laundry.
-I forgot my niece’s birthday this week and it’s been eating at me — my heart just hurts. I feel like the worst Aunt evaaaaaaa!!!
-When I’m nervous or anxious about something, I become very mute. And it can last for days too.
-One time my very good friend confessed that I have a R.B.F — I died inside. I had no idea. Now I make an EXTRA conscious effort to smile more. Thank you, friend!

BOUDOIR is POWERFUL :: Jacksonville, Florida Boudoir + Glamour Photographer

When was the last time that you truly felt good about yourself?
In case you weren’t aware, but Boudoir Sessions are a powerful and helpful tool in giving you self-confidence and to truly feel good about yourself.
There is no better time than the present to celebrate YOU. Gain a newfound love for yourself with an empowering boudoir session.
Sexy never looked so good!

VALUE YOURSELF :: Jacksonville, FL Boudoir Photographer

Ladies, let’s be raw for a moment.
You need to realize that the very most important person is YOU!
You are the one who determines your self-worth!
I believe we all can find and know our self-worth if we focus on the positive all while loving ourselves completely.
And I mean truly loving ourselves.
Don’t allow yourself to fall to the way side.
Place a high value on yourself and always and I means always — KNOW YOUR WORTH!
You’re beautiful inside + out!