DEAR JILLIAN :: When times are hard

Dear Jilliann,

The life we live is full of uncertainty.  At the age of ten going on eleven, you probably think you have it all figured out.  But there will come times when that won’t be the case. I want you to know that when things feel bad, they will always get better.  When you’re feelings get hurt, something will make them shine again.  When you don’t get invited to that birthday party, new friends will come your way and bring joyous memories that you’ll never forget.

Just promise me, never judge others. Embrace your journey in life and look forward to the good times.  Always focus on the ones who love you and bring rainbows into your world.  Smile and show kindness because then you’ll always attract the sunlight that you so much deserve.

Listen to your heart, baby!

I am so proud of who you are.

Love you always & forever,



Last week I posted on my Facebook page this great idea I had – thanks to coffee of course.  And I’m super excited to announce that this week and the week after (for 10 business days) I’ll be showing my love and appreciation to my most engaged Facebook fans. All the likes, comments & emails from my Facebook fans truly fills my heart with joy and makes me love what what I do just that much more enjoyable! So THANK YOU.  From. The. Bottom. Of. My. Heart.
Today I’m announcing my very first Super Fan and their next Starbucks drink will be on me as a THANK YOU for your continued support!

And let’s face it, no one makes you like the things I post on Facebook yet you choose to — and that right there makes you uber awesome!

Today’s Super Fan is….

drum roll please …….

BROOKE NICOLE BEDWELL — Thank you Nicole, for all the love!  You’re “likes” seriously make my day! Much love and appreciation!  🙂  And Nicole, just send me your mailing address via email and I’ll put your Starbucks card in the mail today so you can enjoy your next drink on me.  Email me



Dear my sweet Arianna, 

Gosh, where do I even begin to express the LOVE I have for you.  You are amazing in more ways that I could have ever imagined.  You have brought SOOOOOOOOOOO much joy into our lives and I can’t thank God enough for the little miracle that you are.

You are full of life.  You can make anyone smile from just a small ounce of your sweetness and I look forward to waking up every morning knowing I get to have you in my day.  

You have a love for all things sweet — just like your mommy.  Popsicles and chocolate chip cookies are ALWAYS on your grocery list for the week.

Your heart is so kind and thoughtful.  You always tell me, “mommy, I have a big heart — it’s small but really big” and that couldn’t more true.  Your heart is ginormous!!  

It breaks my heart that you’re growing up and becoming such a little young lady with so much pizzaz, but I love every single second with you.  

Happy Birthday, my sweet Arianna!  You sure know how to set our worlds on fire!




As a photographer it is our job to create the absolute best portraits for our clients.  As many of us photographers, we take a lot of pictures per session.  Or at least I do.  And what our clients don’t usually see are the images that would never be considered as the 30×40 canvas of their family or kids that adorns their wall perfectly above the fireplace.

This is why I am happy to bring you the “what you don’t see” pictures from a session.  My girls are my hardest subjects I have ever photographed and although they don’t get any easier, they do tend to get funnier.  Last weekend was their fall pictures and they were suppose to be photographed outside with all the beautiful fall colors, but the weather kept us inside at the studio instead.

So without further ado……

PS : My oldest daughter will die in embarrassment if she knew I was posting these.  But hey, we’re suppose to embarrass our children — It’s our JOB!!  🙂

Happy Wednesday, y’all!



Looking for some amazing pictures for your 2014 Holiday Card? Or you just want some updated pictures of your kiddos? My Portrait Studio if officially hosting our very first 2014 in studio Mini Sessions on November 7th & 8th. Those who have been wanting to get some professional artistic photos taken, but don’t want to spend a ton (these are 1/2 the price of my regular sessions!), this is perfect for you!

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2014 Mini Sessions