The other day I suffered from an intense mix of “mommy emotions”.  No really.  I am probably the most sensitive and emotional parent ever.  I take things personally, I over judge, over think and just over analyze.  All the time.  One time I broke down crying when my ten month old daughter scribbled on a piece of paper and what looked like to be a heart.  Clearly by accident she made this heart.  But I cried.

I want nothing more than to figure out a way to place my children in giant bubbles and protect them from the world. From the mean kids, even the unkind adults, germs, Nicki Minaj music and sugar.

Today I had to tell myself to really focus on the positive things in life and not let things or instances bring me down.  No one likes a “Debbi-Downer”. Especially on a Friday!

This morning I turned my alarm off and slept an extra hour.  Took my time getting ready for work.  It’s Friday and I made a promise to myself to cherish the small things that matter most in life and loving every moment is the best way to live life.  I promise to stop and remind myself how beautiful life is.  Because it’s just that.  Beautiful.

Have an extra fabulous weekend, y’all!  😉




Yesterday I turned the big 3-5! I’m still not sure if I’m stoked or sad that I’m half way to 70 years old.  Ten years ago 35 seemed so far away.  Yet here I am — 35 years old and I’ve been warned that I could have a mid-life out-of-control crisis.  I mean, I’m not getting any younger and life is slipping away so don’t be surprised if you see pictures on Facebook of my new sports car or a sky-diving experience.

Honestly, I don’t feel 35.  I feel like the best years of my life are ahead of me and it only gets better from here. I’m looking forward to celebrating life and all that’s in store for the future.

Here are some reflections, lessons learned and some advice from over the last 35 years :

  • Thai food can pretty much fix anything.
  • No one should live without wine and literature.
  • If you’re going to try something, go all the way and never look back.
  • Be humble.  Always.
  • Take risks.
  • High heels and jeans complete me.
  • Perfection is only an illusion. We’re all flawed.
  • A smile goes a long way.
  • Sit in a bar with one of your oldest friends and tell stories.  The more you drink the better the stories get.  It’s quite magical if you ask me.
  • Help somebody achieve their dream.  It will come full circle.
  • Appreciate Thai takeout.  Fo’real!
  • Never miss a moment to read something inspiring.  I thrive on inspiration.
  • My lipstick and lipgloss obsession is out of control.
  • Failure isn’t as big as you think it is.  It happens.  Just get back up and do it again but better.
  • Love hard!
  • Buy a stranger a coffee. Or me! 😉
  • Learn to enjoy where you’re at and what you have.
  • Spend a day just being amazing.
  • Enjoy a Thai dinner.  Just saying’!
  • Waste a day on completely trivial pursuits. Watch a classic, walk the streets with no destination, do whatever it is that puts a smile on your face.
  • Eat a big piece of chocolate cake. Preferably with ice cream.
  • Ask yourself how do you want to be remembered.
  • Stop with self-criticism and surround yourself with people who love and encourage you.
  • Laugh more than you cry.  
  • Leave love everywhere you go.
  • Paint your nails pink.  I love pink.
  • It’s completely okay if you don’t cook.  Awesome people don’t cook.  Just saying!
  • Never miss the opportunity to buy some sexy panties.  I mean, I am boudoir photographer!
  • Sing in the car – it’s therapeutic.  I always sing in the car.  Like, really sing in the car.  Aretha Franklin ain’t got nothing on me.
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that I am my parent’s favorite child.  It’s obvious.  
  • I have inappropriate humor. This is why I believe my friends love me.
  • Eat Thai for dinner tonight.  Or every night.  It’s the best advice I could ever give.

*I told my girls all I wanted for my birthday was a picture of us.  They complained a little, but I got what I wanted.

Happy Birthday, to me!


Happy 10th Birthday, Jilliann!

Almost daily, I look at my Jilliann and think – “where has the time gone”?  Her crazy curly hair, those chubby thighs and those hilarious tantrums when she would hit the floor screaming and crying because she didn’t get her way has come to a close.  Our baby is TEN!  Ten years ago today we were in Pascagoula, Mississippi admiring and loving our whopping nine pound baby girl.

Jilliann has flourished into this amazing young lady and I am beyond proud of the sweet thing she has become.  She has seen and done more than most ten year olds her age and I can only hope that she never loses sight of her amazing courage and strength.

Dear Jilliann, 

Happy 10th Birthday!  I hope you will always know just how much you are loved by so many. You are growing up much too fast, gaining so much wisdom, and literally changing right before our eyes.  I would like to at least take some of the credit for the beautiful young lady you are becoming, but I know it wasn’t all me — you deserve a lot of the credit yourself. 

As you make your way through the next ten years, I hope you never lose sight on the important things in life.  Here is some advice from a wise old woman you call your mother:

* You are tremendously loved by so many.
* Friends will come and go.  Some will stay a lifetime and others will come and go.  This is life.  But promise me you will always be the best friend you can possibly be.  Always leave a positive impact on those you meet.  
* Always apply 110% in your education.  Trust me, you can never have enough knowledge. 
* Love who you are! 
* Never stop believing in yourself.
* Never do anything just because someone else is doing it.  Be a leader.
* Read.  And read some more.  Read classics like Jane Austin and Emily Bronte.
* You can’t change people. Not men, not your friends, not your sister, not your mother or your father.  Accept the ones you want to accept, move on from the ones you don’t (except your mother or your father, of course). You won’t look back, I promise.
* Love your sister. Your sister will always remain one of the most important people in your life.  Along with your mom and dad, your sister will always be a valuable support system. 
* Never miss a moment to take a picture. Memories are priceless. 
* Please know that I am not perfect, no one is and I will make mistakes, too. I promise to always do my best to recognize those mistakes and work on myself. You are my teacher and I am yours.
* We will always love you — through the good, the bad and the ugly.





I love showing my appreciation to my most engaged Facebook fans. All the likes, comments & emails from my Facebook fans truly fills my heart with joy and makes me love what what I do just that much more enjoyable! So THANK YOU. From. The. Bottom. Of. My. Heart.
Today I’m announcing Wednesday, Thursday & today’s Super Fans and their next Starbucks drink will be on me as a THANK YOU for your continued support!

And let’s face it, no one makes you like the things I post on Facebook yet you choose to — and that right there makes you uber awesome!

My Super Fans are….

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I would love for you to email me your mailing address and I’ll put your Starbucks card in the mail today so you can enjoy your next drink on me. Email me HUGS!!!



Dear my sweet Arianna, 

Gosh, where do I even begin to express the LOVE I have for you.  You are amazing in more ways that I could have ever imagined.  You have brought SOOOOOOOOOOO much joy into our lives and I can’t thank God enough for the little miracle that you are.

You are full of life.  You can make anyone smile from just a small ounce of your sweetness and I look forward to waking up every morning knowing I get to have you in my day.  

You have a love for all things sweet — just like your mommy.  Popsicles and chocolate chip cookies are ALWAYS on your grocery list for the week.

Your heart is so kind and thoughtful.  You always tell me, “mommy, I have a big heart — it’s small but really big” and that couldn’t more true.  Your heart is ginormous!!  

It breaks my heart that you’re growing up and becoming such a little young lady with so much pizzaz, but I love every single second with you.  

Happy Birthday, my sweet Arianna!  You sure know how to set our worlds on fire!