BOUDOIR MINI SESSIONS :: Jacksonville, Florida

Ladies!  The holidays will be here before you know and what better time than now to plan the perfect gift for your special someone.  For the entire month of October — yup, that’s right — the entire month, I’ll be hosting boudoir mini sessions.  Holla!

I really want every women to experience a boudoir session with me.  I want to show you just how beautiful you truly are.  Inside + Out!

So don’t wait — BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY!!  Email me

Here’s what you’re boudoir mini session includes:

– thirty minutes of unlimited photography
– one smokin’ hot outfit
– an online gallery with seven beautifully retouched images for downloading
$109.00 + tax


WHAT DO YOU DEFINE AS SUCCESS? Jacksonville, Fl. Boudoir + Portrait Photographer

I attended a small business convention and the guest speakers asked all the attendees in the large room to write down what comes to our mind when we think of success. I tried to come up with something over the top but it was the small things that truly came to my mind. Here is what comes to my mind when I think of success —
– making my kiddos breakfast in the morning
– kissing my kids goodbye as I drop them off at school
– drinking a $7 macchiato
– going out to dinner with my family
– taking my kids to every disney/pixar movie
– buying an expensive bottle of wine and sharing it with a friend

Alright, what comes to your mind when you think of success? I’d love to know.

TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF :: Jacksonville, Florida Boudoir Photographer

Ladies! When was the last time you did something for you? We often find ourselves juggling our busy professional and personal lives that we often forget to take the time for ourselves.

Get a mani+pedi, buy that new eyeshadow palette, read a good book in hammock or open a bottle of wine with your friends. Whatever you do, make sure you’re smiling, laughing, enjoying the moment. You deserve it.  😉

Happy Monday, y’all!

Happy 12th Birthday, My Jilliann Skyler

Dear Jilliann,

To express to you in depth the love and respect I have for you without getting misty eye — well, this is going to be tough.  Writing your 12th birthday blog post is much different than writing your 11th.  You have blossomed.  Boy, have you blossomed.

Your heart is beautiful!  You are so full of courage and independence.  Your passions and dreams are never ending and will always remain so important to me.  I admire that you pave your own path and walk to the beat of your own drum.  At twelve years old, you truly are a free spirit.  Be proud of that!

I wish for you to always have bravery and steadfastness to walk your journey with a positive mind-set and to always be bold with who are and whom you are becoming.  You are such an amazing and unique soul with so much to offer.    Never be afraid to spread your wings.

Thank you!  Thank you for teaching me.  Because of you, I’m a better person and mom.  And thank you — for being you!   Stay true to who you are and you will always find success, no matter how it is measured.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Jilliann Skyler!  I love you, my little cheesecake!

Love always + forever,








If anyone know’s me personally or follows my Instagram (click here to follow me), I make it quite apparent about my love for coffee and how it’s pretty much a part of my everyday life.  Not by choice, because I firmly believe coffee found me. 😉

I love the experience coffee gives me.  I love exploring new coffee shops, I’m a dreamer so being in a new environment and new people helps me dream bigger, I enjoy the fascinating people I meet and our conversations.

Don’t ever let anyone guide you away from what you love.  Keep doing what you love doing and don’t worry about the rest of the world.

Happy Wednesday!