VALUE YOURSELF :: Jacksonville, FL Boudoir Photographer

Ladies, let’s be raw for a moment.
You need to realize that the very most important person is YOU!
You are the one who determines your self-worth!
I believe we all can find and know our self-worth if we focus on the positive all while loving ourselves completely.
And I mean truly loving ourselves.
Don’t allow yourself to fall to the way side.
Place a high value on yourself and always and I means always — KNOW YOUR WORTH!
You’re beautiful inside + out!

BOUDOIR MINI SESSIONS :: Jacksonville, Florida Boudoir Photographer

Ladies!  I’m super excited to announce that the entire month of May, I’ll be doing Boudoir Mini Sessions.  I only do these a couple times a year at an incredible price!  So book today before all my spots fill up!

These sessions are super great if you have an upcoming anniversary, wedding, birthday gift or just an excuse to bring out your inner goddess for YOU!   I always recommend the latter!

These sessions are feminine, romantic and very tasteful.


When: The entire month of MAY!

Location: My in-home studio, my client’s home or even a hotel (at client’s expense).

What’s included: A 30 minutes of unlimited photography, 2-3 outfit changes and an online gallery with 10-12 beautifully retouched images for you to keep.

Information: Bring 2-3 outfit options, sexy heels and jewelry.   I highly encourage colorful pieces + anything lace. If your session is a wedding gift, be sure to bring your veil.

How to book: Send me an email at  Please include Mini Sessions in the subject line.

*total payment is due at the time of booking in order to secure your session’s day and time.

ABOUT ME :: Jacksonville, Florida Boudoir Photographer

I struggle with saying no to anything sweet. I mean, it’s bad!
My birth name is Roxie and my middle name is Jean but people just assume my name is Roxanne. Most times I don’t even correct them. haha
I’m a very early riser.
I prefer to hug people than shake their hands.
I did show choir all four years of high school and loved it.
I have struggled with my weight almost my whole life but in the last 2-3 years I have put my health and fitness as a main priority.
I love to read.
I can’t keep my car clean for the life of me. I’m learning to accept it.
I do not enjoy cooking. I prefer making reservations — I’m really good at that.
The beach is a place I feel most alive and where I can get a suntan — what’s not to love?!
My camera is truly and extension of my heart.