Dear Jilliann,

I can’t believe how fast the last thirteen years have flown by.  Thirteen years ago you blessed me and made me a mom.

You are officially a teenager.  Someone pinch because it just doesn’t feel real.  Welcome to your challenging teenage years.  You will have many obstacles coming your way and although life is hard and being a teenager will throw challenges your way, I hope your strength and courage navigate you to always be true to yourself.

I want you to know that every second, every minute and every hour of every day I whole-heartedly cherish all that you are.   At times, I see glimpses of the young lady you will become and my heart beats wildly with pride.

You have such compassion for the marginalized.  You love everyone for who they are without judgement.  That is such an amazing trait — don’t ever lose that.

Be proud of yourself, boo!  Never stop learning and always enjoy your accomplishments whether they are big or small. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. Show the world what you’ve got to offer because it’s a heck of a lot!  I hope you never stop smiling!  A smile is a woman’s best asset.  I promise you this.

Happy 13th Birthday, My Sweet Jilliann!  I hope you never forget that I’m your biggest fan and will always be here to cheer you on.

I love you to the universe and back!









OUTSIDE OF THE BOUDOIR STUDIO : Jacksonville, Florida Boudoir Photographer

I love creating for my boudoir clients. Stepping outside of the boudoir studio and shooting on-location is one of my favorite ways to get my creative juices flowing. These sessions are unique and beyond liberating!
And can I just say, my clients who brave an on-location session in their undies are pretty much superwomen in my book.

Let’s book your boudoir session on-location, ladies!!  The possibilities are endless!

MAKING AN IMPACT : Jacksonville, Florida Boudoir Photographer

She caught me off guard when she looked at me and said, “you’re actually a teacher, you know?”
A teacher? I’ve never thought of myself as a teacher, I told her.
She said, “you’re teaching most women how to love themselves again. You’re empowering them and showing them how truly beautiful they are”.

Although I can acknowledge that I make an impact on my clients in a positive way, however, maybesometimes I don’t realize the extent of the impact. Sure, more so than others — but any positive impact is a beautiful thing in the cycle of life.
It only takes one person to help another and the chain continues.
Friends, I hope you continue to make a positive impact in life no matter what it is and continue the chain.

Friday Musings…

Thought I’d share some weird and maybe not-so-weird thoughts to start off this Happy Friday!

-Even though my girls are older, I still frequently sing “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” theme song.
-I believe that cooking dinner is a complete waste of precious time.
-I grew up with a ping pong table and often considered being a professional ping pong player. A girl can dream! ha
-If my daughter tells me she doesn’t have any clean jeans for school in the morning, I will throw in a load of jeans but also go and buy her another pair to gain an extra day from doing laundry.
-I forgot my niece’s birthday this week and it’s been eating at me — my heart just hurts. I feel like the worst Aunt evaaaaaaa!!!
-When I’m nervous or anxious about something, I become very mute. And it can last for days too.
-One time my very good friend confessed that I have a R.B.F — I died inside. I had no idea. Now I make an EXTRA conscious effort to smile more. Thank you, friend!

BOUDOIR is POWERFUL :: Jacksonville, Florida Boudoir + Glamour Photographer

When was the last time that you truly felt good about yourself?
In case you weren’t aware, but Boudoir Sessions are a powerful and helpful tool in giving you self-confidence and to truly feel good about yourself.
There is no better time than the present to celebrate YOU. Gain a newfound love for yourself with an empowering boudoir session.
Sexy never looked so good!